30 de marzo de 2014

nkali - how to dispossess people

Chimamanda Adichie talks about the risk of listening only to one version of a story.

Anchored in our western arrogance, we think we are greater and better than those that we call poor or underdeveloped. Maybe we should leave some arrogance behind and listen to what other cultures have to offer, to how other people live, far from the madness of growth and the western concept of prosperity.

One of the causes I support, which stands for a different perspective to help tribal peoples, to defend their lifes, to protect their lands and to determine their own futures, is Survival, who from a very sarcastic point of view has launched this video about North-South cooperation.

The Igbo people in Nigeria have a word, nkali, that roughly translates as being greater and better than another.

How come can we really think we are nkali?

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