20 de febrero de 2013

Celebrating the commons

Some spare time?? A book you might like: Celebrating the commons

10 Things You May Not Realize Belong to You
…and everyone else on the planet

  1. Air and Water.
  2. Parks, Libraries, Streets and Sidewalks
  3. Social Security, the National Weather Service, Police Protection and other Public Services
  4. Wilderness Preserves and National Forests  
  5. Wikipedia and Open Source Software
  6. Dance Steps and Fashion Trends
  7. Biodiversity
  8. Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Koran, Zen Koans, Hindu Upanishads, Norse Sagas and Native People’s Stories of Creation.
  9. Blood Banks, Soup Kitchens, 12-Step Groups, Museums and other Civic Initiatives
  10. The Oceans, Antarctica and Outer Space

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